Watch Colbert Rip Putin: F*ck You, We’ll Bomb Syria With Lesbian Pilots Flying the ‘Enola Gay’ (Video)

Last night on The Colbert Report, host Stephen Colbert made mince-meat out of the op-ed Russian president Vladimir Putin did for the New York Times recently.

Colbert begin discussing the op-ed, but “forgot his rage”, so he grabbed his blue plastic cooler and opened it, revealing a ray of green light reflecting on his face. Colbert then stuck his face into the ice chest and emerged with a madman look on his face.

Colbert then shouted:

How dare! How dare! How dare the New York Times print the propaganda of a homicidal KGB kleptocrat? I assume he’s filling in for Maureen Dowd this week while she’s on vacation with polonium poisoning. Because news flash, New York Times, he murders journalists! We don’t do that in America. We just let them starve to death in their dying industry

No surprise, folks, that the Grey Lady’s got her legs spread for Vlad the Impaler, here. They’ve got a long history of legitimizing iron-fisted tyrants. In the 80s, who could forget Qaddafi’s front page spread in the Style section, ‘Hot for Spring: Muumuu Mania?’

Putin had said in the op-ed that it was dangerous for people to think of themselves as “exceptional” and criticized Americans for thinking that about themselves.

Colbert’s response?

F*ck you, Vlad, thinking you’re exceptional is not ‘extremely dangerous,’ it’s exceptionally dangerous!

Folks, I was on the fence before this, but we’ve got to bomb Syria! I mean massive airstrikes, and just to stick it to Putin, I say we use lesbian pilots flying the Enola Gay!

Enola Gay was the plane used by America to bomb Hiroshima in World War II.

Watch it below, courtesy of Comedy Central.


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