Watch Americans Sign Petition Supporting 'Nazi' Style Government

Sometimes it seems that every time Americans are collectively put to the test, we perform predictably — and fail, even if it means unintentionally tying ourselves to a (gulp) Nazi-style government. The fact is, as a whole, we’ve become so complacent that our ignorance is dangerous.

Political prankster Mark Dice took to the streets of San Diego to see if citizens would be willing to sign a petition supporting “the Police state” because of the “budget restraints.” Their answer? You betcha! They seem delighted to help.

“We’re petitioning city council to enforce police state.”

Some of the phrases that Dice used would stop many of us in our tracks, but they didn’t phase most of these cheerful beach-goers.

  • “Nazi-style police state”
  • “a more Orwellian system”
  • “model it after the Nazi Germany system to keep people safe and secure”

Many of them even offered helpful commentary, including the concern about where funding would come from and the opinion that city council never knows what it’s doing.

Dice expresses concern to the folks that the police states needs to “watch over everybody and keep them safe” and even suggests that they want to avoid having the community “turning into a ghetto again.”


Watch this unbelievable video:

Author: The Blue Route

What say you, the people?