U.K. Vet Dies With Nobody To Attend Funeral – Twitter Gets Involved

When WWII British Royal Air Force Bomber Command veteran Harold Jellicoe Percival, 99, died in October, the local newspaper’s death notice said that he had no one to attend his funeral. A Twitter user with the username @middleaged_mom tweeted a screenshot of the death notice (below) and things got amazing after that.



After reading the first tweet, @SimonNRicketts tweeted a plea to service personnel in the area who may be able to attend the funeral. Then the local newspaper where Percival lived covered the story. The result was an Armistice Day memorial service at the Lytham Park Cramatorium with attendance of hundreds of people. The RAF standard bearers were on hand with flags for the arrival of Percival’s casket, which was later draped in a union flag.

Armistice Day, which is observed every November 11 in the U.K., coincidentally fell on the same day as the U.S. observed Veteran’s Day in 2013. While Veteran’s Day is an American observation, we sometimes forget that there are veterans worldwide who fought the same wars that we’ve fought, and often side by side with U.S. soldiers, and many of them — particularly in WWII England — did a lot of the toughest work before American soldiers arrived. Remembering heroes everywhere today – Happy Veteran’s Day and Happy Armistice Day.


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