Two Days Before Marathon – Fox Correspondent Implies Tea Party Group Should Revolt (VIDEO)

Two days before the horrific bombing during the Boston Marathon, Dr. Keith Ablow, a Fox News contributor, spoke to a Tea Party rally in Boston. During the speech, he compared Tea Partiers to “slaves” who will always “revolt.” Transcript and video from Media Matters:

ABLOW: Dependency on anything, a drug or the government, does not last. It can’t last because deep in our souls, we know that only independence works. Not far from here, my mentor, Ted Nadelson, once told me, “You know, the thing with slaves is you can’t keep them, they always revolt.” And that’s what’s going to happen here. Enslaved by the notion of ever-increasing taxes; told that we can’t spend our money, even the money we do take home, the way we want to; told that adulthood starts at 25 [a reference to the Affordable Care Act allowing dependents to stay insured until age 26], if ever; told that nobody really should be able to hold a firearm and know that he can, or she, can defend his family or her family, if push comes to shove. That can’t stand, because slaves always revolt.

The video was uploaded to YouTube the day before the bombing.

From almost the moment Barack Obama was elected, a segment of society has been calling for revolution. Originally, it was under the guise of being taxed too much (despite having some of the lowest tax rates in history). With the gun debate, all rationale seems to have flown out the window as gun nuts cling to their weapons claiming they might need to overthrow the government.

While there is absolutely no evidence that one of the Tea Partiers in attendance had anything to do with the horrific bombing, many on the right have played the role of the tempest in the tea party. From Glenn Beck to Donald Trump, people who made their fortunes from the status quo, there have been calls to revolt, for no better reason than the fact that Barack Obama is president.

When Bill O’Reilly beat the drum against the abortion provider, Dr. George Tiller, calling him a “baby killer,” Tiller ended up dead. O’Reilly took no responsibility and to this day, Tiller is still a target of the Fox host.

Two and a half years ago, ex-con and Glenn Beck listener, Byron Williams, donning body armor, a 9mm handgun, a shotgun and a .308-caliber rifle with armor-piercing bullets, fired at Oakland police during a routine traffic stop. Williams said he wanted to “start a revolution.” His target? The ACLU and the mostly unheard of San Francisco non-profit called the Tides Foundation.

The Tides Foundation is a social justice organization involved in issues like climate change, AIDS and economic disparity – or as Glenn Beck translates their purpose, “is to create mass organizations to seize power.”

Again, there is no evidence that Dr. Keith Ablow’s words triggered the bombing at the Boston Marathon, but there is evidence that incendiary words incite violence. If the tragic events of tax day 2013 have taught us anything, it is that no one who calls himself a patriot should be promoting violence against fellow Americans.

Wendy Gittleson grew up in a political family. Her passion is for social justice and fairness. She lives in a union household. In her rare downtime, you’ll find her hiking or exploring the shoreline with her dogs. Follow her on her Facebook page, on her Facebook blog page or on Twitter, @wendygittleson

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