Trump’s War

The following is an excerpt from a post I made on Facebook 6 years ago. It goes double today.

Just because I don’t support Benjamin Netanyahu and the Israeli government’s desire for war with Iran doesn’t mean I’m anti-semitic any more than my not supporting Bush in his headlong rush into Iraq makes me anti-American. It just means I am anti-war, especially when a peaceful solution can be found. War must always be a last resort, never a first.

Do you remember all the rhetoric, claiming Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and nuclear capabilities? Do you remember how the media fed right into the propaganda, passing on the lies? Do you remember how, after the attack, it all turned out to be bull crap, they had neither WMD or nuclear weapons?

Do you remember Afghanistan, how the Bush minions, including the press, showed us drawings of the (so Called) caves in the Tora Bora region? It was almost like they had seen them and been given the grand tour. That too turned out to be bull crap. We supposedly knew Bin Laden was hiding in the Tora Bora area so why didn’t we go get him and then leave? My consensus is that Bush wanted to Nation Build. My big question is, “why are we still there and why is the media not reporting on it?

I personally think they have learned a lesson from Vietnam. If they don’t report on wars, people tend to forget about them, if they report on them people want them ended.

Now, Trump has attacked a sovereign nation without provocation. The purpose of the attack, according to Trump, was to kill a popular general named Soleimani. He never told congress; the only ones he told were some top “advisors” and some of his buddies at Mar-a-Largo. When asked why, he just said, “because he was about to attack us.” There was no proof, not even the normal lies Republicans are so great at telling. We are just supposed to believe a pathological liar.

Trump has wanted to go to war ever since he moved into the Whitehouse. He thinks that becoming a war president will get him re-elected. I, for one, hope it backfires on him big time.

I wrote the above just after the attack to assassinate Qasem Soleimani. What I write now is a postscript.

Since the attack, Iran has fired missiles into military bases in Iraq housing U.S. personnel. Both sides say there were no deaths, but only time will tell. After all, one is a dictator and the other is a wannabe dictator and that’s what dictators do; they lie.

Even as those bases were being bombed Trump was on Twitter tweeting “All is well.”

We may never know what made Trump back off. I believe it was the pressure not only from Democrats but from his own party and leaders from the rest of the world. It could also be that he learned that being a wartime president would not necessarily get him re-elected.

Author: Michael Hoyt

Worked as a conductor on the Railroad until 1988, worked as a machinist until 2007 and then retired. Earned a creative writing certificate from Rio Salado Community College in 2014. Became concerned when GW Bush was elected, even more, concerned when Republicans began trying to block everything Obama tried to do and now totally p**sed off at what trump and the Republicans are trying to do to our country. I started my own blog in 2009 and now write for The Blue Route.

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