True Scandal: the Military

I’ve been watching this goat rodeo and wondering why they can’t get as aggressive about this as they did Wiki leaks.  Nobody seems to know exactly what to do but I have an idea; how about cleaning house?

Truman didn’t hesitate to fire MacArthur who was a four star general with a lot more to recommend him than any of these individuals.  If he’d found out he had raped someone or condoned and/or covered up such behavior he’d probably have had him shot at sunrise.

It’s past time to demand honor in our military.  We send these men into war zones where women and children are especially vulnerable.  If they are twisted enough to do this to our own what do you think women who are considered “the enemy” go through?  I will argue to the death for benefits for honorable soldiers and that we take care of them both in and out of the military and there is nothing too good for them.  But that’s for honorable soldiers, not these kind of …I hesitate to call them human beings.  They’re animals with no honor and no humanity.

When I was 18 years old I tried to join the military but a marine recruiter took me to a roadside park to explain to me that there was only one use for women in the military.  This is NOT a new problem…it’s an attitude that has to go.  I didn’t believe then and I don’t believe now that is the part of being a marine.

I find it extremely odd that while we’re screaming about somebody having to answer a few extra questions from the IRS to verify they qualified for tax-exempt status, which most didn’t but got it anyway, we seem to just shrug and accept that this is a complicated problem we don’t know how to solve.

No it is not a complicated problem.  We assigned a special prosecutor to hound a president for six years until we found something as obscure as a voluntary sexual indiscretion.  There was never any hint of force or coercion yet we impeached a president over it.  This double standard has me gasping in indignation and fury.

Chuck Hagel needs to assign investigators, and not military investigators, to identify everyone involved in this at any level and fire them, court martial them, try them in public court…whatever we have to do to deal with this mess.  The military has clearly shown their inability to handle it.  It should have been cleaned up yesterday.  I’m sick of hearing about the “chain of command” that has hidden and perpetuated this making our young women and men easy prey for these twisted individuals who don’t deserve to wear the uniform.


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Author: Cheryl Creech

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