Tony Perkins – Teaching Science Causes Mass Shootings?

I reject accepting that this is what we’ve become, America. But the danger in these deceitful people with their blatant appeal to return to a simplistic reality which they presume a divine authority to explain. That is all too clear.

How is it that these spiritual con men never recall that part of Genesis wherein their God (which I reject categorically) left this place in OUR care. Simple: It’s contrary to their game plan. You’re supposed to accept their responsibility to tell you, God forbid you should think it over yourself, that which they tell you is only right when you agree. Wrong. 

Their God, whom I call Goddess, in fact and scripture, gave you a free will along with the responsibility for how you use it. Remember that 
because it means if some righteousness sounding claimant to a divine mind seduces you against the very divinity of that being’s word, it is on YOU.

Know that since God or Goddess also gave us all brains that frame our minds. And with that god-given mind, we have the ability to try and suss out the mechanics and forces of this world and universe of creation, as well as a mind/heart’s intuition and ability to tell right from wrong. That is, again, on US to be responsible for using, or not.

I will not yield my free will and suggest you can’t evade the responsibility for using yours. “I was just following orders…”is an excuse for busted dictatorial sycophants throughout humankind’s history. People like this are giving you orders they say come from “God’s word.” They don’t, 
It comes from what they want you think is that word so you’ll obey them.

Real teachers don’t do that. Real teachers know there’s no conflict between faith and science and certainly no evil in understanding science. “Evil” might come of it but only if someone chooses to make it so. These are self-serving liars trying to seduce your free will.

Don’t fall for this. Teaching of science is not to blame, far more likely choosing to ignore it is.

S/SGT, USMC, -ex

Author: Chris Braun