Who Should Be Time Person Of The Year: Rand Paul Or Wendy Davis?

Time Magazine will announce their person of the year on December 11, 2013 but they have an opportunity for you to voice your opinion on some match-ups until December 4th. There are several match-ups to choose from but this particular one got my attention: Rand Paul vs. Wendy Davis. So, do I want Time to choose the plagiarizing leader of the party of hate? The man who tried to copy Wendy Davis’ epic filibuster? The man who believes that the food stamp program (SNAP) is the same as slavery? Ummm. No. Time should choose Wendy Davis. She is the face of change in America. She had the courage to launch a genuine filibuster in the senate against the Republicans who were trying to cheat to win. She won a fight against biased redistricting that would have eliminated her Senate seat. She wore a catheter during the filibuster. She was offered an IV and refused. From the Huffington Post:
MSNBC’s Zachary Roth reported earlier this month that Republican leaders in Texas tried to slice up Davis’ Fort Worth district in 2011 and move thousands of black and Hispanic voters into neighboring districts. But Davis challenged the move in federal court under Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act — a part of the law rendered inoperable by the Supreme Court decision that struck down the heart of the law.
Texas Republicans are very afraid of Wendy. She has fought them and won, not just those battles, but the hearts and minds of Americans. She deserves to be the Time Magazine Person of the Year long before Rand Paul. Although, to be fair, I am sure that he would copy an amazing acceptance speech.   About the Author_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Liberal America writer Christin Berger is the Recovered Conservative. She is passionate about the environment, equality, and education. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Nebraska at Omaha after serving 12 years as an Army Medic.  She is the author of the Jacqueline the Great series of children’s books which is a series aimed at empowering young girls to believe that they can do anything they want to do. She has several works in progress including a book series aimed at celebrating our differences. She shares her home with five very creative children (read: messy) and one very active ferret.

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