The Worst Week Since 9/11

Spectacularly awful.

That may be the only way to describe the week of April 15.

Let us recap.

Monday: Two nuts hopped on religious fervor bombed the Boston Marathon, killing 3 people and injuring scores more.

Monday (again): Two letters laced with the deadly poison, ricin, were intercepted by an off site mail facility that were intended for President Barack Obama and Mississippi Senator, Roger Wicker.

Tuesday: The bipartisan Constitution Report found that not only did the United States engage in rampant use of torture post 9/11,  but that the use of such was ordered by the highest levels of our government–this means you, W.

Wednesday: Despite not a single poll existing that did not find at least 85% of the American public favoring the very modest background check legislation put forward by NRA A plussers, Pat Toomey and Joe Manchin, the United States Senate shot down the bill by a vote of 54 for and 46 against. Yes, that is correct. A majority means nothing in the senate.

Wednesday (again): A fertilizer plant in Texas blew up, killing 14 people and destroying many a home and business in the tiny town of West, Texas. The Texas plant was found to contain over 270 tons of ammonium nitrate. Which is literally shit that you make bombs from. It was later discovered that the plant had not appropriately reported the amount of the highly volatile substance it had on hand and therefore bypassing necessary oversight.

Thursday: The feds released photos of the two suspects involved in the Boston Marathon, resulting in a panicked escape effort that left an MIT officer dead, a Watertown city police officer badly wounded and the escape of one suspect into the dark of the Massachusetts night.

Friday: A fierce manhunt for the remaining suspect ended just after sundown when the alleged bomber was captured hiding under the tarp of a Watertown resident’s boat. While this is might have been the only good news of the week, the arrest of the suspect occurred only after the entire city of Boston and its outlying suburbs were effectively shut down for many hours, effectively putting nearly one million people under compliant house arrest.

Late Friday evening, President Barack Obama spoke to the nation and said that “as Americans we refused to be terrorized.”

Now, I am a large type fan of the President. I voted for him twice and still carry the flag for him. But after a week that saw a major terrorist attack, poison letters, a report that divulged overwhelming complicity and enforcement of illegal interrogation tactics, a deeply unstable and under-regulated Texas plant blowing sky-freaking-high,  the upper chamber of our legislative branch in complete disarray,  and a wild search for terrorists that temporarily disabled one of our largest metropolitan areas in the United states, all I can think is, “Who the hell are you kidding?”

To be honest, the bombing would have been horrible enough. Hell, in some ways, that’s almost the easiest issue to get your head around. Sometimes crazy people do crazy shit. But the truth is, it was only the 2nd worst explosion of the week. The one in Texas was much worse, and not created by madmen. No, it was created by capitalists who saw no great reason to protect their workers.

Of course, their malfeasance pales in comparison to that of the US Senate. The upper chamber of congress has decided that it is more important to protect the NRA than it is to look after their citizens.

Just look at the video below from All In with Chris Hayes, in the last 40 years, there has been about 3500 deaths due to terrorism. Yet, in the last 30 years, there has been over 900,000 deaths due to fire arms. Please remember that the next time some politician wants to trample over the Constitution to protect us from terrorists, but can’t even support a bill that would require background checks at gun shows or on the internet. Let’s not forget, the two bombers were using illegally purchased fire arms when defending themselves from police during the Thursday night shoot out.

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There was a lot of rightful concern over the effort to apprehend the enemies among us who blew up one of our great national sporting events. Eyes were riveted to the small screen waiting for any shred of information that would lead us to believe that their capture was imminent and therefore make us feel safer. And don’t get me wrong, I was as happy as anyone to have the two bombers brought under control. But I have to tell you, the enemies I’m really worried about aren’t so much the occasional crazies that turns our world upside down. My worry is exponentially greater over the people and institutions that are charged with keeping us safer.

Oh yes, we have met the enemy, and he is us.

Author: David Phillips

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