The War On Religion: Friendly Fire


While researching quotes and statements for a story I’m doing on Pope Francis (coming shortly) I ended up in a couple of discussion threads that pulled me off task and led me to this. I can’t address my opinions of the new Pope without first addressing this.

I think it should be pointed out to those that think insulting people’s beliefs somehow makes you enlightened or superior that in fact it makes you no better than those who seek to cherry pick scripture and bastardize it to gain political power and exclude those who disagree. Not to mention the fact that it is in large part because of people that do practice religion and stand and fight for everyone’s inclusion that we don’t have our own version of Sharia Law in our Constitution. Millions of people on a daily basis stand up to the religious right and oppose their attempts to make religious law public law and to be honest it’s monumentally insulting to be dismissed by a section of the citizenry whose rights and freedoms we work to preserve.

As both a member of and employee of the Democratic Party this is what I do all day, every day. I’m certain that there are others like me who are tired of having their religious beliefs questioned by those hell bent on turning this country into a Theocracy only to turn around and have our religion questioned by those we stand with and stand for.

I believe life begins at conception. I also believe that it is not my place as a man, and more importantly as a citizen to dictate to any woman what choices she is or is not allowed to make, nor am I in any position to judge her for making a decision that I don’t personally agree with.

I believe that at its core, the definition of marriage is a man and woman. But it is not my place to deny any adult the right to live and to love whomever they choose in whatever manner they see fit. I don’t believe that it is in any way right that someone should have to ask for the legal protections they are entitled to as citizens of this country.

I oppose school prayer not because I’m anti religion and anti prayer. I oppose it because when they say “school prayer” what they mean is “Christian school prayer”.

I believe in science AND religion rather than science or religion.

I support the removal of religious symbols and language from currency and public places because every religion on the planet is represented in this country yet the religious symbols and language cater to one. Not to mention the fact that it violates the 1st Amendment. If 99.9% of the people in this country were of one religion it still would be a violation of the rights of that .1% that weren’t.

I’m Catholic. But I will not ever consider sitting back and letting the Catholic Church have more of a say in legislation than I or any other tax paying, law abiding and voting citizen has.

I believe that no matter what the crime or sin that everyone deserves a chance at redemption. That said I think the Church is absolutely wrong in the policy of protecting those among its clergy who have been accused pedophilia.

No one should be looked at or treated differently than anyone else based on what they believe or what they don’t. My religion belongs in my home and in my church. And there are millions who share my feelings, up to and including the President of the United States.

If you reject religion, so be it. That’s your choice. But to belittle someone’s belief is just as wrong as those who belittle those with no religion. “Fairy tales, myths and magic” is every bit as small minded, bigoted and unevolved as “God hates fags.” I could care less whether or not anyone believes what I believe or believes nothing at all. It is not my intent, nor my desire to impress my beliefs on anyone else. The fact however is that you cannot possibly truly be for inclusion or equality if you feel that because of your beliefs or non beliefs that you are better than or superior to someone else. It’s the EXACT sort of hypocrisy that the right wing lives. If you feel that there is no place in public for religion, I for the most part agree. If you feel that there is no need for religion for you personally or your family, I absolutely respect that. Don’t I as a person deserve that same respect? What irritates me, and the “religious left” is when religion is belittled and dismissed by the very people whose positions and rights we gladly stand up to our churches and government to protect. Keep that in mind the next time you’re set to tee off on the stupid fairytales and the stupid people who subscribe to them.

Author: Ryan Eatmon

Son, Father, political hack, lover of the Chicago Cubs, Chicago Bears, Chicago Bulls, Chicago Blackhawks and the Marquette University Golden Eagles. Co-Founder and Admin of The Blue Route.

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