The Real Patriot Of 2012

This morning was my first opportunity to see the news about the man who shot the now infamous video of Mitt Romney’s 47% percent remarks.

His name is Scott Prouty. He is my new hero and let me tell you why.

Scott didn’t mean to change history, when he went to go serve drinks at Mitt Romney’s fundraiser. Scott isn’t a rabid liberal. Scott didn’t even know who he would vote for when he went to work that day.

When asked why he exposed the tape, he said, “I felt an obligation for all the people who can’t afford to be there, you shouldn’t have to be able to afford $50,000 to hear what the candidate actually thinks.”

The irony in the fact that a middle class guy was the one who could arguably be said to have brought a nearly billion dollar campaign to its knees brings a new hope to America. One regular Joe The Bartender guy balanced out all the efforts of Richie Rich Mitt. That rocks my world.

It makes my heart quicken a little to realize that in this case, good truly and honestly won out. It thrills me to realize that all those things I and my friends have worked so hard to express are true. One person can make a difference and money doesn’t matter if you are right. Every moment matters. Every conscience matters. Every citizen has not only the rights of, but also the responsibility to our nation and its history.

I hope that in the future the partisan rhetoric of today falls away and one day we will be able to appreciate the greatness of Barack Obama’s presidency with 20/20 hindsight. I hope the history books also remember Scott Prouty.

He is the ultimate in citizen. He listened to both sides of a campaign carefully and when he saw that one candidate promoted a different personae depending on how much his audience paid to hear him speak, Scott did what any good citizen would. He made sure that the public could see what he had seen so our nation could make its choice in November knowing the real Mitt Romney.

He did this not because he was motivated by money or fame or politics or greed. He did it in spite of worry for his job, his company, and his safety. He did the right thing because it was the right thing and in doing so he is the real patriot of 2012.

Author: The Blue Route

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