The Minimum Wage: How Fear Drives the Republican Party

Let’s talk about the minimum wage a bit.

Republicans are saying that if we raise the minimum wage, it will drive prices up. That’s only a valid argument if we were raising it dramatically. Fact of the matter is, it is only going up about a buck and a half (if we truly raised it to match the cost of living, it would have to go up closer to $21 to $27 dollars an hour).

Now, let’s remember another time when money was given to the poor souls of this country, when those stimulus checks were mailed out. Did that raise prices of products? It did not, in fact, most companies started having sales because they wanted their share of your money. There is NO evidence that prices have EVER gone up when the minimum wage was raised, not once in our history, so your fear is based on no facts, yet again.

Republicans argue that raising the minimum wage will discourage people from further education, by enticing them to entering the workforce with little skills. This is the same party who fights against school loans, education programs, restructuring school loans and affirmative action. So basically, you are saying you don’t want to raise the minimum wage because you want people to pursue a higher education, while at the same time, making a higher education virtually impossible. Thus, you have people who have neither education or decent pay, putting them on welfare programs, which you are also fighting to end.

Does anyone else notice that when you really look at what the Republican Party is doing from all their different angles, one would almost think they were trying to destroy entire communities?

All that aside, here’s the deal. A family that consists of an adult, working a 40 hour work week at minimum wage, cannot afford a two-bedroom home in ANY state in this country ( So that single mother with child, or that son taking care of his elderly parent, looks like bunk beds will be the new American way!

We should not be okay with that.

Currently, the yearly earnings from minimum wage falls below the poverty line in most of America. Most major cities, in order to be able to afford living in those cities, would require a minimum wage maker to work anywhere from 70 to 100 hours a week.

Add to that, the fact that some cities are currently fighting to raise their sales tax as high as 14%. And when you’re bringing home a minimum wage check, taking an additional .14 cents out of every dollar, that’s just adding more pain to some big hurt.

So, yet again, we have the Democratic Party fighting to help those Americans who are struggling just to feed their kids, pay their bills and make ends meet – and the Republican Party, who is mobilizing their party with the fear of prices going up,  appealing to those Americans who love their pocketbooks enough to let their fellow Americans suffer.

I can’t help but notice, every time we have a fight in this country about things like healthcare, unemployment, food stamps, educational programs and any other thing that is designed to help get our country back on track, the Republican Party mobilizes their base by creating a fear that someone is coming for their religion, their guns or their pocketbooks. I can’t say it enough; We don’t want your God, we don’t want your gun, we don’t want your money – we want you to try being decent human beings, for the survival of the country you say you love.

And lastly, and I’ve said it many times before, for those Republicans who complain about all the money that is being spent to help stimulate the economy, to help those who have lost their jobs, for those who have lost their homes and for those who are struggling in a country that is just recovering from two wars and a recession…if you really are worried about your pocket books, you would stop putting Republican Presidents in office.

Your party is the reason this country spends so much money, trying to dig ourselves out of the holes that are created, every time you put your party in charge.

Read that last sentence again.


Vince is the author of Einstein’s Shutter, among other works.

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