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Compiled by Corey McLaughlin for Common Culture and The Big Slice.


1)   Ohio

The Horrifying Inequality That Plagues Ohio Students’ Routes to School,” written by Sarah Goodyear for Atlantic Cities, and published on 06/10/13.

“In Ohio, African-American children and those from lower-income families are far more likely to be hit by cars than white children in the suburbs, according to a Beacon Journal analysis of Ohio Department of Transportation figures, and the reason is simple: The state has created inequality in transportation to school…

The numbers revealed in the Beacon Journal analysis are grim: in those urban school districts, one in 446 students has been hit by a car. In suburban districts, the comparable number is one in 1,473. In Akron, eight children were struck by drivers in February 2010 alone.”


2)   Indiana – Story One

Indiana Town Shames Rape Victim, Speculates About Her ‘Promiscuous Behavior’,” written by Rebecca Leber for Think Progress, and published on 06/10/13.

“[A] 14-year-old in Elwood, Indiana who is eight months pregnant faces ongoing harassment simply because her neighborhood sees her as a very young pregnant girl. But a reporter at the Indianapolis Star writes that her town does not know the full story of the 17-year-old boy who physically overpowered her after she told him ‘no.’ On Tuesday, he faces sentencing for three counts of child molestation.”


3)   Indiana – Story Two

VIDEO – Planned Parenthood of Kentucky, Indiana to merge; study expanding services,” written by Jessie Halladay for The Courier-Journal, and published on 06/10/13.

“Planned Parenthood in Indiana and Kentucky will merge next month — a move that could lead to more reproductive health services being offered in both states.

Planned Parenthood operates clinics in Louisville and Lexington, neither of which offers abortions, and officials said Monday there will be no immediate service changes at either facility. But they said an assessment of the state’s health needs over the next few months will determine whether additional clinics — or services — should be added in Kentucky.”


4)   Illinois

Medical marijuana raises questions for Illinois businesses,” written for the Associated Press, and published on 06/10/13.

“If Gov. Pat Quinn signs recently passed legislation legalizing medical marijuana, some say it will raise serious questions on everything from the hiring and firing of job applicants to the use of a federally controlled and illegal substance in hospitals, nursing homes and hospices. The legislation allows Illinois patients who already have a relationship with a doctor to be prescribed a limited amount from a state-run dispensary.”


5)   Wisconsin & Minnesota

True-blue Minnesota watches as Wisconsin gets redder and redder,” written by Rob Thomas for The Capital Times, and published on 06/10/13.

“[T]rue-blue Minnesota has noticed that its red-hot neighbor Wisconsin has drifted ideologically as well, and not just on health care…In other words, the polar opposite of what’s happening in Scott Walker’s Wisconsin. Here, the Joint Finance Committee passed a huge tax cut that skews towards the wealthy, approved the expansion of school vouchers, and rejected a Medicaid expansion for the uninsured.”


6)   Minnesota

AUDIO – In Minnesota, ‘the cabin’ is both a place and a state of mind,” written by Sarah Stonich for Minnesota Public Radio, and published on 06/10/13.

“’I don’t think it’s specifically a Midwestern experience,’ Stonich said Monday on The Daily Circuit. ‘There’s a Vacationland everywhere you go. Here, we just happen to have this cabin culture that’s so engrained. It would be odd to meet a child, when I was in grade school, that did not have a family cabin. So you didn’t see your friends too much in the summer, that was for sure.’”


7)   IRS “Scandal”

How Come Tea Party Groups Are Tax Exempt Anyway,” written by Joe Rothstein for EIN News, and published on 06/10/13.

“On hearing the news about IRS scrutiny of tea party applications for tax exemption, the most common response from my circle of friends and acquaintances was, ‘these tea party groups are tax exempt? How come?’…It’s a very good question.”


8)   The Culture War

Culture war creates perils for Supreme Court justices,” written by Juan Williams for The Hill, and published on 06/10/13.

“The Supreme Court will rule this month on the nation’s most divisive social issues — race relations and gay rights. The cases put the high court’s reputation on very slippery political ground by pulling the justices into the nation’s culture wars.”


Compiled by Corey McLaughlin for Common Culture and The Big Slice.


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