The Midwest Report – Thursday, June 20, 2013

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1)   Ohio – Story One

Anti-Abortion Group In Ohio Is Fundraising By Selling Assault Rifles,” written by Tara Culp-Ressler for Think Progress, and published on 06/19/13.

“Personhood Ohio, a far-right group attempting to outlaw all abortions by defining life as beginning at conception, is still attempting to get a “personhood” amendment on the state ballot after falling short last year. And the leader of the group, Patrick Johnston, is trying out a few creative fundraising efforts to raise money for Personhood Ohio’s outreach efforts.

In a recent email blast, Johnston asked his fellow Ohioans to help support his personhood cause by buying some assault weapons from his personal collection. “I’m selling some of my favorite things — some powerful rifles and ammo,” the Personhood Ohio director wrote.”

2)   Ohio – Story Two

Ohio Republican does not care if state probes your ladyparts,” written by Laura Conaway for The Maddow Blog, and published on 06/19/13.

“Ohio Republicans would like to get in on state-mandated, medically unnecessary ultrasound craze. A new bill sponsored by Republican state Representative Ron Hood — and co-sponsored by more than half the majority Republican caucus — would require women seeking an abortion to get an ultrasound as a condition of exercising that constitutionally protected right…

[U]nder his bill, those state-mandated ultrasounds could be transvaginal. Hood has not written his bill to make that explicit. Neither will he explicitly rule it out.”

3)   Wisconsin & Minnesota

Why the political differences between Wisconsin, Minnesota loom so large,” written for Minnesota Public Radio, and published on 06/19/13.

“Minnesota and Wisconsin are similar states with small political differences that are exaggerated by the effects of one-party rule, say two close observers of political culture.

‘We’re in the same region,’ said Craig Gilbert, Washington bureau chief for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “We share a border. There’s a lot of common history and ancestry and culture.”

He added that Minnesota and Wisconsin are ‘two states that really stand out in the country for the level of political participation. Minnesota is always No. 1 and Wisconsin is always No. 2 in presidential turnout.’…And yet the policy differences between the governments of the two states are huge…Minnesota political scientist Larry Jacobs said the differences are ‘almost a microcosm of what’s going on in America.’”

4)   Iowa

Report: Iowa’s bridges rank third worst nationally,” written by William Petroski for The Des Moines Register, and published on 06/19/13.

“Iowa’s bridges rank as third worst in the nation with 21.2 percent of the state’s 24,465 bridges rated as deficient, according to a report issued Wednesday by a transportation lobby group…

South Dakota, at 20.6 percent, was fifth; while Nebraska, at 18 percent, was sixth. Missouri, at 14.5 percent, was 10th.”

5)   Kansas

Developer: Kansas Caverns Could Preserve Human Race,” written by Bill Draper for the Associated Press, and published on 06/20/13.

“After most of the world’s population is wiped off the map by a wayward meteorite or hail of nuclear missiles, the survival of the human race might just depend on a few thousand people huddled in recreational vehicles deep in the bowels of an eastern Kansas mine.

That’s the vision of a California man who is creating what he calls the world’s largest private underground survivor shelter, using a complex of limestone caves dug more than 100 years ago beneath gently rolling hills overlooking the Missouri River.

‘I do believe I am on a mission and doing a spiritual thing,’ said Robert Vicino, who has purchased a large portion of the former U.S. Army storage facility on the southeast edge of Atchison, about 50 miles northwest of Kansas City, Mo. ‘We will certainly be part of the genesis.’”

6)   South Dakota

Planned Parenthood’s revival in South Dakota,” written by Bob Mercer for The Rapid City Journal, and published on 06/19/13.

“Opponents of legalized abortion, with their string of successes in the Legislature during the past decade, put Planned Parenthood on the defensive in South Dakota. In fact, Planned Parenthood consolidated three states into a single operation covering Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota. At the same time, sexually transmitted diseases continued to skyrocket in many parts of South Dakota, despite efforts by the state Health Department.

This week saw Planned Parenthood seize back some of the political initiative by focusing on STDs and casting itself as ‘a preventive health care provider,’ in the words of Sarah Stoesz, president and chief executive officer for the Minnesota and Dakotas organization. Planned Parenthood issued a report Monday and followed Tuesday with free STD testing at its Sioux Falls and Rapid City.”

7)    North Dakota

N.D judge allows new complaint to abortion lawsuit,” written for the Associated Press, and published on 06/19/13.

“A North Dakota judge on Wednesday agreed to combine a lawsuit that challenges a new requirement for doctors who perform abortions with litigation over a 2011 law that limits the use of drugs to terminate pregnancies.

East Central Judge Wickham Corwin said he will allow the Red River Women’s Clinic in Fargo clinic, backed by the New York-based Center for Reproductive Rights, to combine the previous lawsuit with new litigation over a law that requires doctors who perform abortions to obtain hospital-admitting privileges.”


Compiled by Corey McLaughlin for Common Culture and The Big Slice.


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