The Left's Pointless Obsession With Rush Limbaugh

I received an email from the MoveOn action network the other day that boggled my mind. The subject title was “Rush Limbaugh’s latest outrage!” For the love of God, the Left is so ridiculously obsessed with this man. I am just sick of it! Why are we wasting so much valuable time on this hot air bag? Is there even a remote chance that Rush could say something intelligent? The answer is not only no, but hell no! In fact, I believe he says these crazy things just to get ratings from his listeners. The odds are that this morbidly obese human being will drop dead of a heart attack before long. Or get thrown in jail for carrying drugs. And let me ask you, did he have any impact on the last presidential election? How about the one before that? The guy is an admitted entertainer who started his career in radio as a DJ. Limbaugh, Fox News, Hannity, and all the rest are a pimple on the path to progress. Truly they are. There are no Rhodes Scholars or Pulitzer Prize winners in this group. They largely appeal to a narrow segment of America. It is a fact that Rush’s sponsors are bailing left and right. The political Left needs to stop reacting to every wingnut they read or hear about on the news. Relevancy is attained when a political group offers innovative solutions to real-world problems. The one sliver of hope that the Republican party will remain semi-alive is because those on the left waste so much time knee jerking about people like Rush Limbaugh. As complained about Rush, the president let the secret out of the bag that he may end up supporting the XL Pipeline. Now that possible decision is something to react to and send out an action alert. Here are a few other ideas for the left to consider:
  • Let’s start to educating citizens on how the Congress passes a budget. It’s hard to believe, but the last time a president signed an appropriations bill into law his name was Bush! There is also this little sequestration matter that is costing our economy about 900,000 jobs according to the Congressional Budget Office.
  • Let’s not forget housing. There are currently almost five million homes with mortgages that are over 30 days late or in foreclosure. Our economy will never recover until housing stabilizes.
  • Derivatives and credit default swaps: These financial time bombs have a cumulative value many times global economic output. Plus they are attached to everything from credit cards to student loans.
  • Speaking of student loans! We either get our heads around this problem or it will kick our butts for decades.
  • Last, what about actually educating reporters so they can ask intelligent questions of our leaders.
This list is the tip of the iceberg.  There are dozens of issues way more important than the words that come out of Rush Limbaugh’s mouth. Years ago, Bobby Kennedy said that the Left is in love with losing.  Those words still ring true today.  Political ideology should never blind any group from offering relevant solutions to public policy questions that affect our nation and the rest of the world. And we can rest easy at night knowing Rush and his buddies have no such ideas in their heads.  They only know how to misdirect and entertain. Thinking people, regardless of where they fall on the political spectrum, need to collaborate for the good of the nation.

Author: The Blue Route

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