The Gay Agenda: Keep Poking The Dragon With A Stick

The Gay Agenda

I love those words. It makes you think of some backroom of a billiard hall, a bunch of guys in wrinkled suits, two-day stubble and cigars, writing a secret agenda to further the movement of homosexualizing (I made up that word) the innocent and unsuspecting non-gays of America. (Of course, this group would be in the back of an art cafe, wearing nicely pressed Stafford dress-shirts, clean-shaven and smoking Benson and Hedges 100′s, because come on, THEY ARE GAY after all).

The Gay Agenda was originally revealed in 1992, when the Family Research Council released a series of videos about the Gay Agenda in America. In those videos, besides spreading hate and fear based on ignorance, they also spread the horrible lies that 75% of gay men ingested feces and 70% or more have STD’s. Yup, those were considered actual scientific facts.

The Family Research Council is a Christian Conservative group formed in 1981. They were designed to be a lobbying group in D.C. to help push the agenda of the God-fearing, tax-hating, freedom-loving patriots of America. They were part of Focus on the Family, an Evangelical Christian Conservative group who supports school prayer and capital punishment, but rails against homosexuality, gambling, pornography, abortion and all sexual activity outside of marriage. (Yes, they just alienated every person in America, except the hypocrites).

Let’s just be friends

Focus and FRC separated in 1992, and that same year the FRC decided to focus more on the Gay Agenda and the homosexual threat to America. So here we have a group, based on changing the political landscape, which is focused on fighting against what they see as living a lifestyle that cannot be condoned in our God-fearing United States.

They are against the very thing the Gay Rights Groups are fighting for. You know, stuff like marriage equality, the right to adopt, military participation, ending discrimination in the workplace, enacting hate-crime laws and a few more things. Oh, and they also blame gays on wanting to ruin the Sanctity of Marriage, even though heterosexual marriage has a 50% divorce rate. Apparently the word Sanctity means different things when you’re straight.

Sitting in front of the gay bus

Now here is what is interesting. In these United States, not too long ago, a black person was not allowed to marry a white person (or vice-versa), a black couple could not adopt a white baby, a black soldier was not allowed to serve his country (and when he was, he was put in black regiments), a black man was discriminated not only in the workplace, but at the lunch counter, buses, trains and even at water fountains. A black human being could be beaten or murdered and a jury could not decide the crime was a hate crime, because that was just a ridiculous notion in this God-fearing country.

Once upon a time in this country a woman could not divorce her husband, a single woman was not taken seriously to buy things like a home or land, a woman could not volunteer for combat, a woman was discriminated in the workplace, sexually discriminated in the streets and had no real recourse should she find herself physically, mentally or even sexually abused in her own home.

Today, because of the hate, ignorance, fear, stupidity and immorality of whites against blacks, and of men against women, we have groups like the National Women’s Association, NAACP and the ACLU. We have laws against discriminating or harassing against sex or race. We have things like Affirmative Action to force those who are too stupid to do what is right, to do what is right in terms of education and job hiring. I suppose, in a way, you can say the blacks, the women and now those suffering age discrimination, created an AGENDA to make sure they were treated like human beings.

So there is a Gay Agenda?

I guess you are correct. An entire group of people are being told they do not have the rights of everyone else in America. Not because of their color, not because of their sex or even because of their age – but because of who they have chosen to love.

Today we have Gay and Lesbian Film Festivals, we have Gay and Lesbian Cruises, we have Gay and Lesbian fraternities and sororities, we have Gay and Lesbian book clubs, night clubs, bike rides and parades.

Soon we are going to have Affirmative Action for gay teens to make sure they aren’t denied an education and for adults to make sure they aren’t denied a job based on their sexuality. We’re going to have laws that will allow gay marriage and gay adoption – heck, we finally have created a country that accepts gay Americans who want to serve their country honorably. That only took a couple of hundred years.

Why your stupidity is cool

You see, when you attack a group of people who you don’t like, you just create a stronger group. If you had just said I Don’t Approve of the Gay Lifestyle (then tried real hard not to do gay stuff), that’s great, that is your right. But Nooooooo, you had to try to force THEM to abide by YOUR rules, YOUR morals and YOUR misguided values. Problem is, your rules, morals and values are based on hate, fear, ignorance and a complete misunderstanding of both the Constitution and the Bible.

And the result?

Well, I suppose we should thank you for creating a movement of Americans who are going to stand up and fight for their rights and an even larger group who are willing to stand at their side. See, you are making what was once just a bunch of people willing to live and let live, into a mobilized force who are willing to fight, tooth and nail, to create an America that not only ACCEPTS them, but RESPECTS them.

Don’t you get it?

The harder you push to force your hate and fear on others, the more you are creating a world that you hate and fear so much. So here’s my request. For the Christian Conservatives out there who want to make our country a more religiously intolerant, English-speaking, Immigrant-free land from sea-to-shining-sea… keep it up!

And please, I ask that you also target Climate Change, Gun Laws, Health care and Religious Freedom.  Shout from the rooftops and do your best to get your way, because the end results fascinate the rest of us.

Yes, I’m asking that you keep poking the dragon with a stick. Because your inability to learn anything, every time he burns you in the butt, is moving our country forward in leaps and bounds.


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