The American Dream Has Become A Game Of Survival (VIDEO)

The American Dream is not a joke, in fact, at one time it was actually something that existed. Men and Women who fought in a war, could come back to a GI Bill, go to school and find a job. They could get a house and even take a vacation every year. It wasn’t about being rich, it wasn’t about not having to work, it was about working a job that treated you right, paid you well and kept the promises it made for after your retirement, the same way you kept your promises by devoting your life to it.

My Grandpa was one of those people. After WWII he came home and got a job with the mines. At times, when the greed would run rampant, the Unions would step in to make things right. He worked there until the day he retired, and he received a nice retirement. He received good medical insurance that continued to his death, and still covers my Grandmother. Promises were made when he joined that company in the 1940’s, and this many years later, they remain intact. That is what the American Dream looked like.

It doesn’t exist any longer. What we have now is a game of survival. Why am I saying this? watch this video,  then you will understand.

Author: The Blue Route

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