The Aftermath: We Must Love Each Other Even More

When I was 17, my boyfriend (now husband) was being actively recruited by the army.

I remember how we used to talk about the money, the benefits, the college funds, and how he would surely get into rocking shape.

Now, I want you to consider the importance of this next part, see, when we considered the benefits, we also considered the costs and risks. The only cost that we could think of was the fact that he anticipated having to quit smoking for basic training.

Think about that.

My husband and I were youth in America in a time where it was impossible for us to imagine the possibility of war and the biggest threat to our spoiled existence was a lack of nicotine….

When the towers fell, later that year in September, things changed.

From that moment forward even a wayward plane, landing too low, would become a possible threat in my mind.

I look at yesterday’s coverage of Boston and my mind shuffles through the possible reasons for such a Hateful act. Like that day in September, not so very long ago, I am at a loss for reason. I cannot fathom a motive.

I just wish that my mind could go back to a time and place where it was unheard of to attack an American city, or to worry about war and terrorism. I wish that my biggest worry was my husband’s tobacco habit.

I know that bad things will always happen. I know that it is often easier and more prudent to become jaded to violence than to pray for peace.

But I can’t go there.

I can only send my quiet hope out to friends and family that maybe, maybe, we could all take this moment to consciously decide not to allow it to become a brick in the jaded wall that surrounds your heart. Let this not be the moment that we become careless, in fact, let us make it the moment that we strengthen our resolve.

We must love each other. And when it gets hard, or scary, or risky, we must love each other even more.

Author: The Blue Route

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