The 7 Senate Democrats Who Have NOT Pledged Their Support For Gay Marriage

After Delaware Senator Tom Carper (D) came out in favor of same-sex marriage today, that left only 7 hold outs on the democratic side of the aisle in the upper chamber of congress.

They are:

Mark Pryor, Arkansas.

Joe Donnelly, Indiana

Bill Nelson, Florida.







Joe Manchin, West Virginia.



Heidi Heitkamp, North Dakota.







Tim Johnson, South Dakota.



Mary Landrieu, Louisiana.







Perhaps the most noticeable factor in play here is that with exception of Bill Nelson, all of these Senators hale from “red” states that voted for Romney in 2012, and Nelson’s state was quite close. You can probably already read their minds…”If I come out in favor of gay marriage, what does that mean for my reelection prospects?” What we need to do is make them understand what it means for their reelection if they don’t.

You can click on the name of each Senator just above their photo to go directly to their respective web sites, or you can call the congressional switchboard at 202-224-3121. Let them know that when it comes to rights, Equal Means Equal.

Author: David Phillips

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