What Does Ted Cruz's Birth Certificate Look Like To A Birther?


While many Tea Party and right-wing extremists are still out there busting a nut or a tit over President Obama’s birth certificate, a relatively huge red elephant in the room has been ignored when it comes to Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), his Canadian ancestry, and his possible Presidential run in 2016.

Even after Obama released his long form birth certificate to quell the rabid pack of snarling birthers sniffing for Kenyan blood, the copy Obama provided was rapidly dismissed as fake and picked apart by right-wing media.  But imagine for one second what it might look like if Ted Cruz’s birth certificate was given the same stink-eye  by birthers as Obama’s was?

Well, it would most likely look like this.

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Yeah, not a whole lot of surprise there is it?  While the conservative white guy gets a free pass on his shaky-at-best citizenship, the president – oh yes the president- well, he gets a special set of rules applied to him, because to a birther, this is what his birth certificate looks like.


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So while the birther patrol continues to beat a dead blue pony over Obama’s birth certificate, perhaps they should be taking their elephant to the vet to have it checked for ticks and fleas.

Talk about double standards, huh?

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