Ted Cruz Says ‘Don’t Blink’ While GOP Moderates Speak Against Government Shutdown (VIDEO)

The Daily Beast’s Michael Tomasky and author Jim Moore join Chris Matthews to discuss Sen. Ted Cruz’s tactic of “don’t blink” to win the fight to defund Obamacare, while others in his party try to chill the government shutdown tactic praised by the far-right in the GOP.

The ever-cocksure Cruz would like to defund ObamaCare at all costs. He has been quoted as saying, “Under no circumstances will I vote for a continuing resolution that funds even one penny of Obamacare.”

Given his presidential ambitions, his strategy seems to be a hail mary of sorts. If he somehow pulls it off – and even if he doesn’t – he will win over the most extreme right-wing segment of the Republican party who are on board with shutting down ObamaCare at any cost. And then, as is par for the course, he will shift back to the center to win over independents and moderate Republicans assuming he secures the Republican presidential nomination.

But his “don’t blink” strategy has severe repercussions for not only the Republican party in general, but for the nation, as Matthews and his guests discuss in this edition of Hardball.

Please watch the video below. It’s one of the best breakdowns out there on the train wreck that is Ted Cruz.






Author: The Blue Route

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