Ted Cruz Ignores Monday's Ruling on Voter Restrictions

Yesterday the Supreme Court decided that the state of Arizona couldn’t pass their own laws more restrictive than the federal law when it comes to voter identification.

Yet Ted Cruz (Republican-TX) immediately introduced a law that does the same thing.  Do people never get weary of paying these people to beat their head on brick wall trying to break the law instead of serving the people they represent?  They’re not even representatives for my state and I want to take away their allowance.

This is a decision that puts us one step closer to “we the people” being in charge and taking the country the direction we want to go instead of a few powerful people making our decisions for us.

In a surprise decision, the Supreme Court today ruled that an Arizona state law may not require documentary proof of citizenship from voters. In tossing out this requirement, SCOTUS concluded that this is at odds with federal law — the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 — that allows voters to register by swearing on a federal form under penalty of perjury that they are citizens. (Washington Post, June 17, 2013)

Frankly from some of the rhetoric we heard from Justice Scalia recently I was pleasantly surprised to see the court take a stand that is so fundamental to any democracy…a free and open ballot box.  Without that very basic element there is no democracy.  Many of us have been concerned about states making their own rules that affect elections at the federal level because we all have skin in that game and it threatens freedom for us all.

I have faith in “we the people” when we have the reins and any attempt to pull anyone’s hands from the reins is of great concern to me.  When voter turnout is the highest the people have the best chance of making the right decision for all the people.  The problem with American elections has always been not enough people voting rather than too many.  Voter restriction is the true voter fraud and the only one that has ever been a problem in this country.

There has been a rhetoric that non-citizens voting swayed the last election with all evidence to the contrary.  Women, minorities and the working class swayed that election after they had been slapped by one side…and they are U. S. citizens who made their displeasure known.

Non-citizens voting has never been a problem because the penalty is too high and they avoid situations that could get them deported.  These voter restriction laws are about making it harder for the working class, minorities and poor people to vote because when they vote they elect people who care about what happens to the people of this country.  That’s a threat to the people who want to run away with the bank so they want to inhibit people from voting who will stand in the way of their dreams…to rule the world.

Since the Citizens United decision which opened the flood gates for dirty money to pour into our election process I’ve had little confidence that this SCOTUS has any respect for the constitution because the constitution says that all powers not granted to anyone else within the constitution belong to the people…not corporations or whoever has the most money to buy those powers.

This decision gives me hope about the decision that is about to come on the Voter Rights Act of 1965.  If anything the Voter Rights Act of 1965 should be expanded to all states, not just the ones with a history of racism, because we’ve seen that racism certainly isn’t confined to the “Deep South” and is alive and flourishing all over the country.

We can only hope is that this decision indicates we will continue to have a free and open ballot box.  If we plan to stay free we must defend the ballot box with fervor beyond any other issue because it is the only thing that makes us free.  It’s the way we make peaceful change in this country.  It’s the reason we don’t have to have a revolution every time we want to change the direction the country is headed.


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Author: Cheryl Creech

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