Tavis Smiley and Cornel West – 'Bligoted' Turncoats Without A Home

Why are Tavis Smiley and Cornel West always so racially inflammatory when referring to the policies of President Obama? Every comment they make seems to be hostile, disrespectful, and racially slanderous. Cornel West, who was alleged to be an intelligent man, doesn’t seem to be able to open his mouth without alluding to “Black puppets,” “house negros,” or referring to people who disagree with him as being on “Obama’s plantation.”

They claim to want to be taken seriously, yet, they just can’t seem to bring themselves to say, “MR. PRESIDENT, I think you’re making a serious error. Here are the reasons why,” and then going on to engage in an intelligent and constructive discussion of the issues.  Instead, they rant and rave and name-call in a way that they never did against neither Bush, nor Clinton.

So are these two individuals really interested in the issues they’re discussing, or are they simply using the political issues as a pretext to attack President Obama the man? Their strident behavior is clearly not simply an oversight on their part, because in response to comedian, Steve Harvey, referring to Smiley and West as ‘Uncle Toms,’ Cornel West said the following:

“When you’re trying to talk about issues that affect the people, name calling get’s in the way. Name calling is nothing but another weapon of mass distraction.” ~Cornel West

So what’s the deal with these two. Why are they KNOWINGLY barraging America, and the Black community, with their “weapons of mass distraction?”

Based on their own definition, Tavis Smiley and Cornel West are deeply engaged in a game of mass distraction. They’re not only PURPOSELY lending comfort to the enemies of the Black community – after all, PRESIDENT OBAMA is the most powerful symbol of Black competence in the world – but they’re also slapping the Black community in the face in the process, because every time they’re disrespectful of the president, FOX News and every White racist and bigot across this country take that and run with it. They say, “We told you that Black people are incapable of handling power – they don’t even have any respect for Obama themselves.”

So since their propensity for distraction clearly demonstrates that they’re not legitimately trying to address the issues, why are Smiley and West engaged in this outrageous behavior? The answer is quite simple. Just like the GOP and the corpo-Republican congress’ strategy of promoting gridlock and maintaining high unemployment as a weapon against the American people, Smiley and West are using hostility and confusion to PUNISH America for electing this Black president. Never mind, that their activities cause division and distract from the president’s attempt to create jobs and improve conditions all over America, and, in the Black community – “let the people suffer” – the only thing that matters to them is their own self-serving agenda.

Thus, as a direct result of their self-service and bitterness, Smiley and West have allowed themselves to become a tool against their own people. Black people have had a serious problem with that sort of mentality for nearly 400 years. The reason for that is, Black people are the product of the very same racist environment as White people, so the weaker-minded among us tend to be just as racist towards other Black people as any sheet-wearing Hillbilly. Their attitude reflects the position that Black people (except for themselves, of course) are inferior, so any Black man who thinks he’s equal to the White man is a phony. That’s clearly the attitude of Tavis Smiley and Cornel West.

Like much of Black America, at one point I had a tremendous amount of respect for these two individuals, but once they began to engage in the behavior described above, I quickly began to realize that they are two ignorant, self-serving, and weak-minded Black men who are doing a tremendous disservice to the Black community with their public stupidity. That’s why I’ve made exposing them to the Black community a way of life. In many ways I’m hurting myself, because I should be writing books and talking about other things, but I’ve decided that this issue is so important, that I’d make exposing Tavis Smiley and Cornel West for what they are my contribution to my people (I recognize that discussing oneself in an article is bad form, but I’m often asked why I’m so fixated on Smiley and West).

While people like Tavis and West put on a good front of being super-Black, they’re actually overcompensating for the way they really feel. Such people have such low self-esteem and want to be accepted by the White man so badly, that much like a beaten-down and defeated dog they feel a dire need to crawl up with their tail between their legs, and then turn over and reveal their stomachs to win the approval of those who look upon them with disdain. This is clearly the case with this Tavis and West.

While they engage in a lot of militant rhetoric, they engage in that rhetoric with a wink towards the White establishment. Clear evidence of that fact is Tavis Smiley’s close association with Walmart, Wells Fargo Bank, and various other ALEC-connected corporations that leave no stone unturned to victimize and undermine the Black community, including a brutal assault on the Voters’ Rights Act.

If Smiley was truly as dedicated to the Black community as he claims, he would not only NOT be associated with these corporations, but he would be speaking out against them with the most pronounced vigor. But when was the last time you heard either Tavis, or West, say one critical word against Walmart, or how Wells Fargo Bank, along with Tavis’ able assistance, victimized over 30,000 poor minorities in what the Department of Justice described as the second largest housing discrimination case in the nation’s history? (http://wattree.blogspot.com/2013/01/a-question-for-both-tavis-smiley-and.html)

The same is true of Cornel West. In the 2000 election he teamed up with Ralph Nader and helped George W. Bush get elected President of the United States. Bush won the election in Florida by a mere 537 votes. The Nader/West coalition stripped away 97,488 votes from Vice President Gore in Florida alone. But did he say, “I made a big mistake?” Absolutely not. West tried to team up with Nader AGAIN in the last election to do the very same thing to Obama. So the problems that West is criticizing Obama for not fixing fast enough, West himself helped to create! In addition, since he tried to do the very same thing in the last election, we can’t even give him the benefit of a doubt by saying that he might have made a mistake. (http://wattree.blogspot.com/2011/09/once-again-nader-and-west-team-to-elect.html)

But there’s an irony here. Much like the defeated dog, people like Tavis and West never manage to win the love and respect they seek. All they succeed in doing is generating even more disdain, not only from their own people, due to their disgustingly weak behavior, but also from those whose approval they so desperately crave, because no one likes a person who is so weak, and has so little character, that he or she will turn on his or her own. Yes, the White establishment will use them to their advantage, but they’ll hold their nose in the process. Thus, that leaves Tavis and West homeless – nobody wants to claim them, other than other turncoats like themselves.

The bottom line is, Tavis and West are actually Black racist – “bligots” (Black-on-Black bigots) – and by definition, all racist are desperate individuals. One of the primary reasons that people become racist in the first place is because they recognize their innate mediocrity as individuals. As a result, they want to believe that in spite of their personal shortcomings, they’re special by virtue of some benevolent gift of nature that’s been bestowed up them. In short, since they see themselves as having very little personal value, they base all of their feelings of self-esteem upon being a part of a ‘special’ and exclusive club. That’s why racists – both Black, and White – hate Obama so intensely.

Obama’s position and superior intelligence is an assault on the self-esteem of all racists – both Black and White. For White racists, Obama’s very existence destabilizes the lie of innate superiority that they depend upon to maintain their self-esteem. Black racists tend to hate him for the same reason. They tend to believe that they’re an aberration, and an accident of birth made them innately superior to their own people. Therefore, they hate Barack Obama because his very presence clearly demonstrates that they’re nothing special. So essentially, Obama represents a pie in the face of their delusions of grandeur.

Eric L. Wattree

Author: Eric Wattree

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