Taking the midwest back in 2020!

My name is Rebecca and I’m attempting to start a grassroots effort to ensure Democrat wins in 2020 in key midwest swing states. I am not in any way affiliated with any specific candidate in any specific race. I’m not a political operative. I’m just a citizen with a goal. That goal is to get DEMOCRATS elected at every level (local, state, national) in 2020. I’m specifically targeting the midwest swing states of Wisconsin, Iowa, Ohio and Michigan. I live in the midwest, just south of Beloit Wisconsin. In 2016, had a few thousand votes flipped in Wisconsin or Michigan, election night would have been much different. I cannot, we cannot let that happen again. While I am active in Democrat politics, I am ready to go above and beyond this time around and do everything I can to turn these swing states blue again! We all have our preferred candidates, I’m no different. However, this campaign is not for any particular candidate over another. This is about Democrats winning. This is about a real effort to unite the party and win! The honest truth, moreso than four years ago is that a few people will end up deciding who shapes our domestic and foreign policy for the next few decades. I’m looking to network, profile candidates, list events, organize and host meetups, phone banks, canvassing etc. A few thousand votes swung the 2016 election and in 2020, a few thousand votes can swing it back. The Republicans know how important this is and they are already pouring money into the midwest. Donald Trump alone has raised more than $100 million already! He’s spent more than $3 million on targeted Facebook ads. We all need to work to counter this.

If you are in Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan or Ohio, please contact me with any information on candidates, specific races or ideas. Email me at swingstates2020@gmail.com.

The Blue Route has given me a platform to do this and I am ready to hit the ground running. And if you can, please contribute to the effort. Barack Obama in 2008 and Bernie Sanders in 2016 and Beto O’Rourke today have proven what large groups of people with a couple of dollars here and there can accomplish. None of the funds collected will go to any one candidate or campaign. Every dollar collected will go towards building this network and the general effort to turn the midwest BLUE! The first contribution to this effort was my own contribution of $100. The Blue Route donated $50 and the use of their website and social media. Chip in via PayPal at paypal.me/swingstates2020

Thank you all and lets get to work!

What say you, the people?