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What Country Does Mark O'Mara Live In? ‘If George Zimmerman Was Black, He Would Never Have Been Charged With A Crime’ (VIDEO)

Yeah, Mark O’Mara, the lead defense attorney for George Zimmerman said that. And he appeared to be serious. My God, what fucking country does this guy live in? It sure as hell isn’t this one. I saw this tweet from Michael Moore last night that perfectly encapsulated my feelings and frustrations with our legal system: […]

A Canary in a Mine Shaft: What Boston Tells Us About Our Culture Of Violence

To me, the tragedy in Boston is a reminder that our common sense doesn’t work to cure the cause of our problems. Yes, “our” problem.” You see, I think acts of violence against the public by groups or individuals, whether they be terrorists or marginalized and disenfranchised, are symptomatic of deeper ills in our society. […]

Spanking Babies for God: Why America Is The Most Violent First World Country

I recently wrote an article about how the same-sex marriage debate arouses society’s schizoid moral responses. It got me to thinking about another piece I wrote in 2011 that illustrates the same moral schizophrenia. In this case, how child abuse and death can result from substituting knowledge of childhood development with religious beliefs. Here it […]