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A National Emergency

This is a tale of traveling woe, for sure. It’s also much more than that. My fiancé was flying out from Boston, connecting in Newark, then home to me in Indiana. She arrived extra early to accommodate the potential backup getting through TSA due to the government shutdown. She was also traveling with our new […]

A Tale of Two Countries

From the start it was clear that Democrats had set their sights on the House. The field of candidates was diverse and strong, a stark contrast from previous election cycles. And, surprisingly, their messaging was disciplined. They ran on ostensibly two issues: healthcare and legislative oversight on the executive branch.

Get Out and Vote!

It’s all on you, people. Two days from now, millions of people will go to the polls and decide which party is best fit to run the country. On the one side, we have a president who is shamelessly dividing a nation with the most reckless rhetoric I’ve ever heard in my lifetime. On the […]