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Wolves in Sheep's Clothing In North Carolina's 3rd District

North Carolina has been getting national attention for some time.  Between the draconian voter restriction laws, “Moral Mondays” in Raleigh and people being arrested it’s been a busy state.  However you look at North Carolina today, it’s obvious the people of North Carolina are not happy with the direction their state has taken under the […]

Scarborough Warns GOP Change Or You’re going to have Hillary For 2 Terms (VIDEO)

Sunday morning on Meet The Press, MSNBC’s Morning Joe host, Joe Scarborough took issue with the “political amateurs” in the Tea Party. “It’s not about compromise, it’s not even about ideological moderation,” Scarborough said. “It is, though, about political moderation. You’ve got to be relevant to the center of America. People forget this, but Republicans […]

Legal Pot, Better Pay, And Its Okay To Be Gay: US Electorate Snubs Tea Party Agenda

Election Night 2013 is over and like any election night, there were winners and losers across the political spectrum. However, while it is often taken as an article of faith by media pundits that the United States is a center-right nation, yesterday’s results do not support that often repeated claim. Instead Election Night November 5th, […]