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One Day The GOP Will Regret Calling It 'Obamacare' And That Day Cometh Right Soon

It started out on the campaign trail in 2008 with the most generic of titles, “Health Care Reform.” At the time the concept was a popular one with the public at large. Everyone hated the insurance companies and the rising costs were clearly untenable long-term. Every Democratic Presidential candidate ran on the platform. Early front-runner, […]

Elizabeth Warren Fires On The Supreme Court, Saying They Will End Up A 'wholly-owned subsidiary of Big Business’ (VIDEO)

This weekend at the AFL-CIO’s annual convention, Massachusetts Senator (D), Elizabeth Warren commented on the future of the Supreme Court, saying, “Think about this: you follow this pro-corporate trend to its logical conclusion, and sooner or later, you’ll end up with a Supreme Court that functions as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Big Business,” Warren did […]

Are We Exporting Democracy Because Our Own Works So Well?

From an AlterNet article By Marty Kaplan, he asks “Brazilians Are Taking to the Streets to Protest Their Country’s Injustice and Inequality—Why Aren’t We?” He goes on to write, “Our spirits have been sickened by the toxins baked into our political system, which legalizes graft and is held hostage by special interests and a gerrymandered […]