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About Last Night

Sure, we’re going to fight about Nancy Pelosi, whether Bernie or Biden should run in 2020, on what the party platform should be. We will, but we can have that fight later. For now, Democrats, take a look at ALL of the midterm election results. And then DEMOCRATS, center, left and far left, give yourselves a giant “Job Well Done!”

A Tale of Two Countries

The dust is still settling on last night’s election results, but for now here’s what we know: 1. Democrats have secured more than enough seats to retake the majority in the House of Representatives; 2. Republicans have added to their majority in the Senate (though at present there are still a couple of races that […]

Get Out and Vote!

It’s all on you, people. Two days from now, millions of people will go to the polls and decide which party is best fit to run the country. On the one side, we have a president who is shamelessly dividing a nation with the most reckless rhetoric I’ve ever heard in my lifetime. On the […]