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Mike Huckabee: I'm No Homophobe, But Gay Marriage Is Comparable To Polygamy And Prostitution (VIDEO)

Mike Huckabee wants you to know that he is no “homophobe.” It’s just that gay marriage is pretty much the same as multiple concurrent marriages or street walking. Yesterday on his Fox News show, “Huckabee,” the host railed on about the “Extreme Court’s” 5-4 decision striking down DOMA and opening the door to same-sex marriage. […]

Beyond The Candelabra, Marriage Is A Contract

We’ve heard so much hyperbole about how marriage is a “sacred institution” that will be destroyed by allowing same-sex marriage that this whole concept is something I feel needs to be challenged with a few facts and history.  Being a straight woman myself some may feel I can’t understand and I’m the wrong one to […]

Jon Stewart On The GOP Rebranding Effort: 'What is it with you people and animal F#$%ing?' (VIDEO)

Last night on the Daily Show, host Jon Stewart took a look at the results of the GOP’s efforts to be more inclusive. Unfortunately for the Republican Party, Hispanics don’t like being called “wetbacks” and gay people don’t like being equated to pedophiles and those that would lay with animals. In other words, it ain’t […]