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Bill Maher Tears Into Republicans Over Minimum Wage (VIDEO)

On Friday night, Bill Maher explained to conservatives that refusing to raise minimum wage allows big corporations to leave their employees looking in the direction of government assistance – the same government assistance they don’t want people to be on. Look, even if you’re not moved by the “don’t be such a heartless pr*ck” argument, […]

Rachel Maddow Discusses The Failing Minority Outreach Efforts Of The GOP (VIDEO)

In this 20 minute clip, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow talks about the GOP’s minority outreach efforts and the many bumps in the road they’ve encountered (and sometimes caused) along the way. Later in the clip, Maddow talks to Huffington Post DC Bureau Chief Ryan Grim about the importance of passing Immigration Reform in the House […]

Texas Judge Slams Republicans, Joins Democrats (VIDEO)

Sunday, Texas Judge Carlo R. Key posted a video where he slammed the Republican Party and announced he would be joining the Democratic Party in his bid for re-election. I believe that justice demands fairness. It requires careful and intelligent probing of evidence, and above all else, justice can only be served without prejudice towards […]

The Only Village Republicans Need To Burn Down To Save Is Their Own

“It became necessary to destroy the town to save it.” That was a quote that reporter Peter Arnett extracted from an unnamed major after the United States unloaded a massive attack on the village of Ben Tre in Vietnam. Here is the full quote from Arnett’s article: ‘It became necessary to destroy the town to […]