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Idaho Rep. Still Allowed To Carry A Gun After Pleading Guilty To Rape (Video)

In Idaho, state Rep. Mark Patterson (R-Boise) is still allowed to carry a gun after pleading guilty to a charge of assault with intent to commit rape and getting caught leaving out his conviction information when filling out applications for a gun permit in 2007 and 2012, thanks to Idaho’s exemption for elected officials. Idaho […]

Maddow: If You Want To Vote In Texas, It Will Help To Be White (VIDEO)

Using the great state of Texas as a test case, Rachel Maddow excoriated the GOP’s voter suppression efforts ahead of future elections. Maddow goes to great lengths to expose the motivations and machinations behind the thrust to make it harder for people to work. Well, not people, per se, but non-white people. Using the minority […]

Rachel Maddow Discusses The Failing Minority Outreach Efforts Of The GOP (VIDEO)

In this 20 minute clip, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow talks about the GOP’s minority outreach efforts and the many bumps in the road they’ve encountered (and sometimes caused) along the way. Later in the clip, Maddow talks to Huffington Post DC Bureau Chief Ryan Grim about the importance of passing Immigration Reform in the House […]