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Why I Don't Criticize Democrats And Republicans Equally

Let’s get this silly non-issue settled once and for all. Black people vote Democratic because it’s in our best interest and we recognize that the Republican Party is toxic to the Black community. While the Democratic Party is not everything we’d like it to be, at least it’s not working against our interests. Common sense dictates […]

A Portrait Of Cornel West – The Liberace Of Faux Intellectualism

Have you ever noticed that nearly every public pronouncement that spews from the mouth of Cornel West is literally dripping with racial innuendo? His latest racist slander is that MSNBC is the ‘Rent a Negro’ network. Cornel West spews more racist rhetoric than any Republican in America. The reason for that is he’s essentially an […]

Bill Maher On The GOP's 'Kill Whitey' Fear (VIDEO)

Last night on Real Time, host Bill Maher took Iowa House Rep (R) Steve King, and Fox News commentator, Bill O’Reilly to task for their recent comments on race. He then broadened the discussion to envelope the wild-eyed reaction from the GOP/conservative community’s response to President Obama’s race speech, dropping this bon mot, “They don’t […]