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Pelosi Plows Ahead

In the end, Nancy Pelosi really did have “no choice.” Her announcement Thursday that she has asked her chairmen to proceed with drafting articles of…

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Pelosi Returns Trump’s Serve

So, now it’s official. Buckle your seat belts, kids, because it’s gonna get real hot and heavy from here on out. And I have some…

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Could Trump’s Disastrous Syria Decision Be the Final Straw for Senate Republicans?

For months I’ve been maintaining that regardless of what the Democratically-controlled House did regarding impeachment, Trump was safe. There was no way in hell Senate…

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Pelosi Shouldn’t Take Trump’s Bait

So let me see if I get this straight. All Democrats have to do to get Trump to start cooperating with them is to hold…

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It’s About Damn Time!

So much for self-impeaching. Nancy Pelosi had seen enough. For a Speaker who was reluctant to give into the passions of her base, this was…

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The Reluctant Witness

Had it not been for the OLC memo, which guided his decision-making process, Trump might well have been indicted. And as I noted above, he is not out of the woods, not by a long shot. Trump isn’t just running for a second term in 2020; he’s literally running for his life. Don’t kid yourself: behind all that bluster lies a very frightened little man who knows full well that what he did was wrong and is acutely aware of the fate that could befall him.

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