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Scarborough Warns GOP Change Or You’re going to have Hillary For 2 Terms (VIDEO)

Sunday morning on Meet The Press, MSNBC’s Morning Joe host, Joe Scarborough took issue with the “political amateurs” in the Tea Party. “It’s not about compromise, it’s not even about ideological moderation,” Scarborough said. “It is, though, about political moderation. You’ve got to be relevant to the center of America. People forget this, but Republicans […]

Scarborough Lambastes Michael Steele Over Ted Cruz And What It Means To Be Conservative (VIDEO)

Well, well, well. What have we here? This AM on Morning Joe, Host Joe Scarborough mixed it up with Michael Steele over the tactics of Ted Cruz and the potential of a government shutdown. It was indeed testy. Scarborough: “Let me ask, do these people think that Tom Coburn is a RINO?” Scarborough asked. “Do […]

Scarborough On Government Shutdown: 'Do They (GOP) Love Obama That Much?' (VIDEO)

Today on Morning Joe, host Joe Scarborough lamented the state of the Republican Party, particularly as it relates to the threatened government shutdown over funding Obamacare. Scarborough pointed out that a shutdown would politically favor the President. “John Boehner has had the House of Representatives cast how many votes, thirty, forty votes to overturn Obamacare?” […]

Scarborough Warns GOP 'Not to embrace' George Zimmerman (VIDEO)

Today on Morning Joe, hosts Joe Scarborough, Mika Brezinski criticized George Zimmerman’s recent visit to the gun manufacturer of the weapon he used to kill Trayvon Martin. “There’s a certain faction of the American political system that has embraced George Zimmerman as a hero,” Scarborough said this morning. “I said from day one, during the […]

Scarborough Responds To Glenn Beck: 'Glenn Beck Is The Highest Paid Rodeo Clown In America' (VIDEO)

After Glenn Beck went on his radio show and defended the Missouri Obama rodeo clown by referring to himself in solidarity as a “rodeo clown” too. Joe Scarborough amusingly amended that statement. “He makes $90 million a year, by the way,” Scarborough said. “You know what, I’ve been tough on Glenn Beck in the past. […]