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A Little Exploitation Never Hurt, Right?

We’ve seen a lot of criticism of Kanye West and a lot of criticism of those criticizing Kanye West. My criticism falls primarily on the people around President Trump. This was incompetence at its worst. A complete lack of vetting on the part of the White House. The looks on the faces of everyone in the room, from Donald Trump  to Ivanka, Jared, Kelly etc said it all. This was an absolute disaster.

The Midwest Report – Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Midwest Report is a daily news-roundup dedicated exclusively to the American Midwest.   1)   Ohio – Story One “Ohio abortion bill would require women to share income data with doctors,” written by Arturo Garcia for Raw Story, and published on 06/14/13. “Women’s health advocates in Ohio are furious over a new bill that would […]

Organized Irresponsibility: The Best Tool to Maximize Shareholder Value

Ulrich Beck, a German sociologist, is credited with the term “organized irresponsibility.”I find it a compellingly descriptive term that reveals something important about capitalism in the 21st century. It is the natural child of a mature capitalist system where the last remaining value, shareholder value, is to be maximized at any cost; any cost, not […]

Ryan's World

Representative Paul Ryan (R-WI) released another budget which was narrowly passed last week by the House of Representatives.  This plan is not, as Mr. Ryan stated, an invitation to the president nor United States Senate.  Invitations are reserved for dinner parties. But such is reality in Ryan’s world. My gut says Paul Ryan is still miffed at […]