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The Case For Impeachment

It’s becoming increasingly clear that the strategy Democrats are employing with this White House simply isn’t working. Trump has decided to ostensibly ignore any and all Congressional subpoenas, and his attorney general is in lock step with this obvious obstruction of justice. It’s as though Trump is daring Democrats to impeach him. So, if that’s the case, I say give him what he wants.

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Mueller Provides A Roadmap

Robert Mueller did a most thorough job of detailing for the American public the high crimes and misdemeanors of this president. We can lament that he could not, given DOJ guidelines, indict him. But let no one think for even a nanosecond that a failure to indict is synonymous with guiltlessness.

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Impeachment Would Fix Lots of Problems

What’s wrong with the Republican’s burning desire to impeach the president? If you lived here in the rural heartland, well sheltered from all those liberal,…

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