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Soviets v. Allied Measures in Post-War Germany

On this day in 1948, the United States and Britain begin to supply West Berlin with food, water and other vital goods by air in…

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Tearing Down the Wall

On this day in 1990, East and West Germany come together on what is known as “Unity Day,” less than one year after East German…

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Guns of August and WW I

On this day in 1914, some 33 days after the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and Duchess Sophie, “The Great War” finally erupts. Many people…

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The Yanks are Coming

Publication of that communique outraged Americans just as German U-boats recommenced sinking American merchant ships in the North Atlantic. Wilson then asked Congress for “a war to end all wars” that would “make the world safe for democracy,” and Congress agreed.

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From Democracy to a Dictatorship

In 1942, the Reichstag passed a law giving Hitler power of life and death over every citizen, effectively extending the provisions of the Enabling Act for the duration of the war. Hence, countless millions of Germans and citizens of the world would perish simply for the venal cowardice displayed by Hitler’s sycophants and those too weak to stand against him in 1933.

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