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Beyond The Candelabra, Marriage Is A Contract

We’ve heard so much hyperbole about how marriage is a “sacred institution” that will be destroyed by allowing same-sex marriage that this whole concept is something I feel needs to be challenged with a few facts and history.  Being a straight woman myself some may feel I can’t understand and I’m the wrong one to […]

Maddow On The GOP's Downward Facing Dogma: Sodomy, Voodoo, and Satanism, Oh My! (Video)

Last night on the Rachel Maddow show, the host discussed the GOP’s efforts to rebrand the party as being more tolerant to women, gay people, and human beings in general. As Rachel notes below, the current crop of Republican pols making news (particularly in Virginia) are not only cut from the same cloth as Todd […]

The Gay Agenda: Keep Poking The Dragon With A Stick

The Gay Agenda I love those words. It makes you think of some backroom of a billiard hall, a bunch of guys in wrinkled suits, two-day stubble and cigars, writing a secret agenda to further the movement of homosexualizing (I made up that word) the innocent and unsuspecting non-gays of America. (Of course, this group would be in […]