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It’s About Damn Time!

So much for self-impeaching. Nancy Pelosi had seen enough. For a Speaker who was reluctant to give into the passions of her base, this was…

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The “Keep Dreaming” Team

Well the third Democratic debate is now in the books and here’s what we know: nothing much will change among the top three candidates. If…

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John Kass’s Grand Delusion

Recently, I was looking at some polling in RCP when I happened upon an “op-ed” by John Kass of the Chicago Tribune. I put the…

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Will 2020 Be About Trump Fatigue or Trump Numbness?

Just when you thought this president couldn’t sink any lower, now he’s fabricating weather forecasts. Nixon had Watergate, Trump has Sharpiegate. Not only did Trump…

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Were the 2016 Polls Wrong?

There’s been a lot of handwringing about the 2016 polls over the last two and a half years. How could Hillary Clinton have lost to…

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I’ve Always Been A Devil’s Advocate

Sometimes I’m amazed that I’m still alive. Seriously, with what I’ve done, it’s hard to believe I made it to 30, let alone 58. I…

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