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John Fugelsang's Advice On Dealing With Conservative Relatives On Thanksgiving (Video)

Wednesday on the ED Show, comedian and liberal activist John Fugelsang gives a few pointers on have to deal with your ‘Obamacare hating’ uncle, your ‘NRA’ uncle, your ‘gay for Reagan’ uncle and your uncle who uses Benghazi as a verb at the dinner table this Thanksgiving. Here’s an example. When discussing the history of […]

Watch Rep. Bill Pascrell Blast Unelected 'Phantom Government' (VIDEO)

Rep. Bill Pascrell, a New Jersey Democrat, exposed a months-old plan to defund Obamacare that was devised by an unelected “phantom government,” including over three dozen conservative groups. In this 10 minute video, Pascrell Tea Party Patriots has a published “Defunding Obamacare Tool Kit for Activists” on their website, outlining language to use in Tweets and Facebook posts […]

Rachel Maddow Tells Conservatives About Their Love For Putin: 'He's Not That Into You'(Video)

This week, some conservatives praised Russian President Vladimir Putin for the way he handled the use of chemical weapons in Syria. There was a lot of talk about Putin being a real leader and Obama was basically a chump. It was a complete Putin love-fest. That was, until Putin wrote that New York Times piece, […]