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Gordon 'Dr. Chaps' Klingenschmitt 'Life Begins Before Conception'

Former U.S. Navy chaplain Gordon “Dr. Chaps” Klingenschmitt has a long history of being completely obsessive about homosexuality and generally off-the-wall in general. He has encouraged wedding photographers to print “worthy of death” on gay couples’ photos, suggested that government officials who allow gay marriage are demonic, and he has been very vocal about his opinions about abortion, […]

Debunking Godwin's Law: Is It Okay To Call Today's GOP 'Fascist'? (VIDEO)

Everyone’s aware of Godwins Law, right? That it’s never appropriate to compare your adversary to  a fascist? That’s not exactly what Michael Godwin said. The quote was; “As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches” … but close enough. Regardless of how you parse it, I say […]

Rick Perry Offers Wendy Davis The Most Backhanded Of Compliments (VIDEO)

In his continuing effort to prove what a sexist, insensitive, mean-spirited jerk he can be, Governor Haircut attempted to clarify some disparaging comments he mad about State Senator, Wendy Davis, post her epic filibuster against Perry’s extreme abortion restriction bill. Previously, Perry had said that Davis should have learned from her own experiences as a […]