Study Finds Most People Comment On FB Articles Just By Reading The Title

In a bullshit study done by actually no one, which was titled There Was No Actual Study, researches found that most people on Facebook will comment on an article just by what the title says, without ever reading the actual article.

For instance, an article can be titled: Let’s Discuss The Westboro Baptists Church – and regardless of what the writer is trying to share with his audience, like us hating on them makes us no better than them, the comments below will all be supplied by commentators who are so busy saying “Fuck the WBC!!!” – that they actually become what they seem to hate, angry jerks. Any article about Ann Coulter is much worse, with every comment either calling her the C-word to making reference to her Adam’s apple, that any factual information in the article will be completely missed by the ‘readers’ of said article.

The easiest way to determine if someone is either too lazy or embraces ignorance when it comes to actually reading something before commenting, is the fact that they will ‘like’ or ‘comment’ on an article that should take at least 3 minutes to read, within a minute or two of it being posted. The funniest are when a video that is 4 minutes long has 30 comments within the first 3 minutes, meaning no one actually watched it, but felt their opinion (based on nothing) was important enough to share with others (which it usually isn’t).

Non-existent Professor of Media at Duke University, Dr. Reginald Yupton, says this is not a new phenomenon:

“We all remember, as kids, how our dad wouldn’t try the new ethnic restaurant, assuming it was not something he was going to like. Or how your mother thought a bike was too dangerous or that BB gun would shoot your eye out, using no self-education or actual evidence of this being an issue in America. Or, to put it more bluntly, all those idiot racists in our country who assume someone must obviously ‘act’ a certain way, based on what they’ve seen in movies or heard from their dumb friends, without ever having met anyone from that particular ethnicity at any time during their lives.”

He then added, after a moment lost in thought, “People are just stupid!

Truth be told, if terrorists wanted to destroy this country, they could very easily talk to each other out in the open as long as they titled their communication I Like Cheese and posted it on Facebook…because we all know Americans would spend all their time praising or denouncing cheese, never realizing it was actually an article about how to build a bomb.

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