Giant Mirrors At Fox News Huckabee Taping Terrify Stoned Comedians

Take the advice that comedians Joe Mande and Noah Garfinkel gave excellent advice on “The Pete Holmes Show” this past week: never go to a taping of the Mike Huckabee show over at Fox News while stoned. Garfinkel said:

We thought it would be really funny to put on suits and eat way too many weed cookies, and go see [Huckabee], and it turns out, it’s just terrifying.

Mande echoed:

I’ve never been more scared and bored in my life.

Garfinkel continued:

They have a mirror, to make the audience look twice as big, so we were also seated next to a mirror, so we could just look at ourselves being stoned.

Mande’s conclusion is perhaps the best part of all:

And the reason we put on suits is we were afraid we weren’t going to fit in, like we had to dress like Republicans, and — not even a necessary thing. Everyone else was in sweatpants, or [were] Chinese tourists who had no idea why they were in this terrible place.

The whole thing is just absolutely hilarious to the onlooker, and, of course, after the fact, but, the point is, folks, don’t ever, ever, do this.

Watch the segment of “The Pete Holmes Show”  here:

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