World Cup 2014 Stadium Collapses In Brazil Killing Three (VIDEO)

December held a deadline for all twelve 2014 World Cup Stadiums to be completed. The Federation Internal Football Association, FIFA, is the international governing body for all football, and beach soccer across the world, and is the holder of the December World Cup deadline. FIFA’s deadline for completion may have pushed workers to overlook certain safety and structural guidelines at the Itaquerao Stadium in Brazil.

Wednesday part of the stadium collapsed during construction causing significant damage and killing three people. The Itaquerao Stadium was practically finished when the collapse happened; pushing deadlines even further back for Brazil and the December deadline. All work on the stadium was immediately brought to a halt and investigations are underway to find out just want caused this devastating collapse.

A metal structure can be seen in photographs collapsed on top of the new seating area just built. Firefighter official, Mauro Lopes told the public, in a radio interview, that a crane had collapsed on top of the metal structure, causing it to plummet down into the stands and, ultimately, kill three workers at the site. An LED panel installed outside the venue was also demolished during the incident.

Not much was released by the Brazilian club Corinthians, owners of the stadium, but they have reported that a full investigation is underway.

There has been no word on whether this stadium will meet the December FIFA deadline for next year’s soccer World Cup, however, this stadium was one of the larger and more advanced in the building plans.

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