"Spooky Action at a Distance": Everything Is Connected

Every day, between 4 and 7 P.M., I get phone calls that show up on my caller ID as “restricted” or “unavailable.” I know they are solicitations because I’ve answered a few. I don’t like them but I am not surprised when I get them. In fact, I expect them.

Every now and then I think  of a friend or family member and the phone rings. The person I was thinking about is on the line. Now this is not the kind of phone call I expect like the one above. This is a random event always preceded by a thought about the person calling me.

I’ve spoken to many people about this kind of call and, invariably, they tell me they have had the exact same experience: A thought of a close friend or family member followed by a call from that person.

So what’s happening when this event occurs. Is it coincidence or is there a scientific explanation?

Ervin Laszlo, Hungarian philosopher of science and systems theorist, has published about 75 books and over 400 papers. He underscores the importance of developing a holistic perspective on the world and man, an outlook he refers to as “quantum consciousness.”

In one of Mr. Laszlo’s latest books, Science and the Akashic Field, he offers a hint of what might be going in when we receive the kind of call above: “The mind of one person appears able to act on the brain and body of another. This faculty, known to traditional peoples, is verified today in controlled experiments and forms the basis of a new branch of medicine known as telesomatic or non local medicine.

The discovery of the non local nature of our universe comes from the field of quantum mechanics; a level of reality that remains mysterious to most of us, with the possible exception of some professional theoretical physicists.

Without going too deeply into what non locality means, think of it this way: Everything is connected or in scientific terms, we live in a universe that allows quantum entanglement.

You need to understand several points to get what I’m proposing. The first, what constitutes quantum entanglement? Second, how is it proven? Third, how does it apply to us humans and this particular kind of event?

First, quantum entanglement: From LiveScience.com by: Tia Ghose, Staff Writer , “The weird way entangled particles stay connected even when separated by large distances — a phenomenon Albert Einstein called “spooky” — has been confirmed once again[…] The results from the new experiment confirm one of the wildest predictions of quantum mechanics: that a pair of “entangled” particles, once measured, can somehow instantly communicate with each other so that their states always match.

[How Quantum Entanglement Works (Infographic)]

Particles become entangled when they physically interact locally. But once entangled will respond to each other non-locally, i.e., at a distance.

Second, repeated experiments produce the same results every time: Entangled photons will somehow communicate their spin states instantly and react to each other over vast distances.

Third, we are made up of particles at the quantum level of reality. At that level we are all connected. In Laszlo’s words, “Cutting edge research in quantum biology finds that atoms and molecules within organisms and their environment, are nearly as entangled with each other as microparticles that originate in the same quantum state.”

We have been taught to ignore or disregard much of what traditional people have been aware of for centuries. In our hope that science will eventually explain everything, we’ve thrown the baby out with the bathwater. Now science is bringing us back to where we’ve been.

When you stop long enough to think about it, we’ve all had the experience of feeling connected to someone at a distance and knowing something is about to happen or has just happened to that person.

One of the most curious of my experiences: One of my daughters has informed me of pregnancies in our family before she was informed by the pregnant parents three times. Three for three: Is this coincidence or is it scientifically explained by quantum entanglement? I don’t know. What do you think?

Robert De Filippis

Author: The Blue Route

What say you, the people?