Social Media Mysogyny: I'm Sorry She Got The House, The Kids, The Dog And Your Golf Clubs

I know I’ve written on this topic in the past, but it seems it always goes over like a turd in a punch bowl. So I’m going to try to articulate myself a little better… Forgive me if I rant.

If I (or anyone else for that matter) recommends an article on the subject of freedom of choice, women’s issues or anything peripherally related to gender equality, please resist the impulse to personalize it and exploit it to bash the other half.

Guys, I’m sorry she got the house, the kids, the dog and your golf clubs, but that’s no reason to make snide remarks about all women. Your ex may have screwed you over, I don’t know… but women in general didn’t. Your anger and frustration just perpetuates the stereotype of the sexist pig, and it offends me personally. And the cute little “code words” you use to refer to certain parts of the female anatomy so that only us guys get it? Trust me, they get it too, and it just makes you look like an idiot.

I myself have chosen some lousy lady friends in my day, but that doesn’t give me the right to use them as a standard for all women. Our poor choices say more about ourselves than they do the partners we select. I suggest you look in a mirror to explain why you’re so bitter, and just maybe, for why she left you.

And ladies, yes, I know… he always smelled like a wet Airedale, you caught him banging the baby sitter on your grandmother’s silk duvet, and he never paid a nickel in child support. But the same goes for you; men in general are not him, nor are “men” a bulwark to the Women’s Movement. It’s specific men — and many women — in the Statehouses, in Congress, and in the Moonbat media who are promoting this misogynistic bullshit, not all men.

I’m just as resentful of misandry as you are of misogyny, so please don’t paint men as women-hating pigs unless they first prove themselves to you. How about giving some of us the benefit of the doubt? For when you prejudge, you’ve completed the circle; you’ve become a female version of the enemy of equality and everything you profess to loathe – a sexist. I consider myself a strong feminist and a defender of equal rights, and it’s infuriating to me when I hear progressive women say “men” are the problem; rather than what we know the problem to be… a political system fed by fear, ignorance and religious fanaticism.

If we still pigeonholed every idiosyncrasy between individuals of the races and ethnic groups as cavalierly as we do between the genders, I swear, we’d have never made it through the Civil Rights Movement. As a progressive society, we’re supposed to be better than that. To paraphrase Martin Luther King, we should be judged by the content of our character, rather than the differences between our junk.

Please check your sexism at the door. Because whether you recognize it or not, there’s only an angstrom’s difference between sexism and racism. It’s offensive, no matter who’s doing it.

Author: Bruce Lindner

What say you, the people?