Sink with Trump Sycophants or Swim with Unity

People, people, people.

We have got to end this farce, preferably while it’s still a bitterly ironic dark comedy, because it’s starting to evolve into an indelible American tragedy right now.

The clearest symptom is people actually telling us to redefine our reality as spoken by the the most authoritarian liar in our history which is becoming “normal” to hear daily.

This is a classically mid-20th century horror, we thought consigned to history; now reborn. We have to resist; you cannot think it impossible here because it hasn’t happened yet.

Because it is happening right now in the abandoning of allies as directed by the head of a hostile foreign government. That’s to say nothing of sacrificing the global environment on the altar of greed.

Time is very short. It’s going to manifest all around and upon us. It’s been an emphatically real and treacherous tragedy already in places like Iraq, Syria and anywhere near our southern borders. And it’s happening right here around you if you but look.

We have to end this while we still can. We’re running out of time. It has to be now. And there’s only one way: By pulling together.

I don’t know WHO our candidate will be; but I know I’m supporting them.

Get that.

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Author: Chris Braun

What say you, the people?