Sideboobs And Nipple Slips – The New Huffington Post

What has happened to the Huffington Post?  Though it still ranks as one of the top liberal news sources on the entirety of the internet, it seems to gain the biggest chunk of it’s page views not by top-notch liberal news reporting but by flooding its front page with masturbatory material.  The top post on The Huffington Post right now is the following: “Anne Hathaway’s Nipples Steal the Show On The Oscars Red Carpet.”  As I scan down the page I can also see “Breast Dressed,” where I can ogle Heidi Klum.  The mid-page tantalizes “Brandi Glanville Turns Heads With Oscars Cleavage,” and I am promised even loftier liberal talking points by checking out the riveting article, “Jennifer Lawrence’s Independent Spirit Awards Dress Flashes Major Sideboob.”

I’m calling you out, Arianna Huffington, though I do doubt a reply.  How can you hold yourself up as a liberal or a feminist when your own website objectifies women and sells sex on about the same level of Star Magazine.  Once a top liberal news bus stop of the web, The Huffington Post has devolved into hyperbolic headlines, sex surveys, and all the other trappings of the cover page of Cosmo.  To make matters worse, I don’t see this behavior engaged in by your top competitors.   A search of The Drudge Report this very minute yields not one mention of “boobs, sideboobs, underboobs, boob windows, nipple slips” or the like.  Michelle Malkin’s site has no mention or pictures of cleavage or various boob types either.  Nothing on National Review Online  or either.  It seems that you are not only one of the most influential liberal women in media Arianna, but also have cornered the market on padding hits of a news site with pictures of boobs.  Conservatives are called out daily for sexism, and yet don’t feel the need to headline their sites with Anne Hathaway’s Nipples like you do.

They say if you aren’t a part of the solution than you are part of the problem.  And you, Arianna, are the very worst part of that problem.  In 2009, Forbes names you the 12th most influential woman in media, while you used that influence to sell out your gender.  A virtual Madame, you wield your power  not to lift others up but to sell off their bodies turning brilliant actresses into pieces of meat with photo galleries that objectify their bodies rather than praise their achievements.

I wish I could say these are isolated events, but each and every day the top news posts on The Huffington Post are dominated by talk of boob windows and cleavage.  You even recently ran a feature on all the types of “boob” that there are put into neatly arranged fetishism categories.  This level of discourse reeks of the level of respect for women of Rush Limbaugh.

Arianna Huffington, you should be an example to young liberal and conservative women everywhere, but instead you are selling skin to make an extra buck and an extra web hit.  And now a once respected liberal news outlet is bogging under the weight of sensationalism and bottom-barrel writing.  Be the inspiration and the example, not the dead weight dragging us back to a Mad Men era level of respect for women.  Report on all that women are achieving rather than what they are wearing, or the lack thereof.

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Author: The Blue Route

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