Self-Proclaimed Prophet Cindy Jacobs Claims Miracles, No Recordings Exist (VIDEO)

Self-proclaimed prophet, Cindy Jacobs, recently sat down for an interview and claimed that she healed a woman who had broken cheekbones from a car accident. In the same interview, she stated that she had healed her own body of a tumor. Both miracles were performed with faith.

According to Jacobs, she had enough faith to know that there was a woman in the audience who had recently injured her face in a car accident.  So Cindy, with her extreme faith, told the woman to stand up. Upon doing so, the woman revealed a concavity in her cheek.  Jacobs says that she told the woman to touch her cheek and as she did, a cheek bone magically grew back. Cindy attributed it to God by saying, “Praise the Lord!”

Sadly, we have no video of this magical cheekbone appearance, nor can we corroborate whether it was God who healed the cheek or if the woman whose cheek it was had some magical powers that enabled her to grow her own bones with a wave of her hand.  But we do have Cindy Jacobs’s narration of the amazing event!

More, after the video…

Cindy Jacobs then went on to say that she had a grapefruit-sized tumor behind her “female organs,” whatever that means.  As she speaks, the tumor’s cause becomes a bit confusing.  First, Cindy says that it was caused by her lack of forgiveness, and when she forgave those that she hadn’t previously forgiven, the tumor disappeared.  Then, the story changes to…

“…the Lord showed me that Satan had wounded me as a woman and so, therefore, I was carrying that pain in my body, until it grew into a tumor.”

After the excellent description of cause and effect, coupled with the other story of cause and effect, neither of which agreed with each other, both being mutually exclusive — one being blamed on people, the other being blamed on a wounding by Satan — Cindy Jacobs tried to find words to sum it all up and settled on a tried and true platitude:

“So forgive!”


Author: The Blue Route

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